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About PACM

Established in 1896

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Our Mission

The mission of PACM is to provide our members with superior business credit services that will increase sales and profit, and ensure that all accounts receivable are protected. We will enhance the professionalism of the individual, and one’s worth in the marketplace, by stressing the importance of ongoing education. Our credit association will lead by example, following the highest standards of fairness and integrity.

  • Business Credit Reports
  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Eduction & Certification
  • Networking Exposure

Our History

The Pittsburgh-based Pennsylvania Association of Credit Management (PACM), a not for profit, member-owned credit services organization, started in 1896.

The catalyst for the formation of the association of credit professionals was the financial panic of 1893 and its aftermath in the several years following. During this period banks were dangerously overextended, business failures reached unprecedented highs, and unemployment was rampant. To compound matters even further, there was no federal bankruptcy law, with each state treating bankruptcy as it pleased.

The abuse of the extension of credit played a large part in the severe business downturn of 1893. Credit decisions were made in isolation and guided largely by speculation. Many credit losses were the direct result of loose credit methods and a lack of cooperation among the credit professionals of the time.

A meeting of credit professionals from the Western Pennsylvania area took place in Pittsburgh on October 24, 1896. Realizing the need and value of this type of service to protect their profession from excessive bad debt losses, they decided to form a credit association. They named the organization the Pittsburgh Association of Credit Men. Over the years,the name was changed several times and in the year 2000 became the Pennsylvania Association of Credit Management (PACM).